A.M. Tech Plaques, formerly A.M. Tech INC. and Wheeler Brothers Brass Foundry has been a family run business since 1904. Emily Wheeler, daughter of Morrie Wheeler have taken over the family business to keep the family legacy alive.


The original foundry was started by Emily’s great-grandfather in his garage in South Troy, NY in 1904 and was incorporated in 1909. The peak of the foundry business came during WWII when the Wheeler family made military parts for the Watervliet Arsenal. Over the years their skilled craftsmen have created everything from special alloys used on early steam locomotives, to bronze parts for the Apollo 15 Moon Rover.

Emily’s father, Morrie joined the family business in 1959 and has singlehandedly kept the family tradition alive despite the decline of the foundry industry in the US. Morrie, a third-generation foundryman served New York’s Capital Region and beyond furthering his family’s legacy of honesty, integrity, and quality craftsmanship for over 100 years, passing on the same conviction, integrity, and passion to his daughter Emily.

A.M. Tech Plaques specializes in bronze & aluminum plaques. As with many family businesses each generation has had to adapt to changing times. Although many of the industrial clients have gone out of business, the bronze plaque business continues to prosper. Emily has sought to keep with tradition while adapting to the changes in technology and the various needs of customers across the country. Our current clients include townships, municipalities, civic organizations, hospitals, legions, fire departments, high schools, residential homes, and more.

We’ve been around so long that people know our name means quality craftsmanship and quality service.


Step 1 – Artwork Layout

We produce your plaque using the latest in computer graphics. You will proof this layout before we proceed with casting your plaque.

Step 2 – Plaque Pattern

Our plaque patterns are photographically produced from the artwork layout. This pattern making technique insures that your bronze plaque is an exact duplicate of your approved layout.

Step 3 – Mold

Your plaque pattern is used to make an impression in a specially treated sand mold. The sand mold is used only once to produce your custom mold.

Step 4 – Bronze

The bronze alloy is heated to over 2000 degrees F using our modern induction furnace. At this temperature, the bronze becomes molten and is poured into your plaque mold. After the bronze cools and solidifies, we break apart the mold to reveal your newly cast bronze plaque.

Step 5 – Finishing

Your plaque goes through several different finishing operations. Initial steps involve cutting, grinding, metal chasing, and machining. Final finishing requires sandblasting, background coloring, and satin polishing. Your plaque is now prepared to be coated with our special tarnish-resistant clear lacquer. This lacquer will protect your plaque if mounted either indoors or outdoors.

Step 6 – Delivery

Skilled craftsmen and state-of-the-art equipment enable us to very efficiently produce one-of-a-kind bronze plaques. Our standard delivery is 4-5 weeks after final approval.

San Diego Historical Plaques

Congratulations, to the people of San Diego whose properties and homes have been designated as historical sites!

As an owner of a designated historical resource in the City of San Diego, you are encouraged to display a plaque identifying your property as an important part of San Diego’s history.

A.M. Tech has received special approval to be used to purchase a historic designation plaque. As such, we have made over 100 plaques for the people of San Diego.

If looking for a San Diego Historical Plaque, please complete the Order Form or Contact Us.

Plaques we carry:
  • Etched Plaques
  • Alumi-Color
  • Image Cast
  • Metal Photo Plaques
  • Base Reliefs of Faces
  • Photo Etching
  • Flat Relief
  • Photo Relief
  • Ceramic Photos
  • Simulated Bronze Plaques
  • Giclee Print on Metal
  • Polished Black Granite Engraved with a Photo
  • Recognition Trees and Other Recognition Products
Morrie Wheeler working at his Troy foundry in the 1960s.
The Vietnam War Memorial, Albany, NY is one of the many lasting monuments that the Wheeler family has created in the Capital Region
Veteran Dedication in Arlington, VT
San Diego Plaque Example
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